The legs are tired a problem that increasingly affecting the population. The legs are tired a problem that increasingly affecting the population. Today, a 80% of adults suffer discomfort in the legs tired, whether they are men or women although the latter often suffer from the problem of tired legs most often due to hormonal problems caused by menstruation , menopause and other related venues. The most common causes that often lead to the problem of tired legs are basically about bad habits or insufficient in our lifestyle.The little exercise, sedentary lifestyle, diet, obesity, heredity and periods of hormonal changes in women themselves, are the most frequent reasons for which this symptom appears as all these reasons have a direct impact on blood circulation and other parts of the physiology that can cause fatigue in the legs.

Here, we present 10 councils which are crucial to combat the discomfort in the legs tired and impact directly on the general health of the whole body thus improving the quality of life.

A Diet Rich in Fiber
The intestinal problems such as irregular or otherwise, have a direct impact on blood circulation caused, in large part, the problem of tired legs. A diet rich in fiber helps to regulate and balance the entire intestine to function properly for this reason it is recommended consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and many cereals, etc. ..

Drink plenty of water
The liquid you drink the body are responsible for removing toxins and cleanse the whole body in general. Drink plenty of water or derivatives such as juices, broths, herbal teas and so on. Help moisturize and cleanse the body to facilitate the elimination of fat and toxins.

Legs up
When suffering from tired legs for lack of optimum blood circulation is advised to sleep with their legs slightly lifted which can be achieved easily by putting a pillow beneath their feet. Another way to facilitate the movement during sleep was lying on the left side of his body.

Wear comfortable clothes well
Another cause that hinder blood circulation and brings the problem of tired legs lies in the fact carry clothing inadequate or little comfortable. It is advisable to bring clothes or oppress or that they are too tight so that the movement is not affected. On the other hand the use of excessively high heels or soles completely flat can also influence this, which is why it is advisable to use shoes with two fingers heel than the rest of the sole facilitating overall tiredness of the whole body.

Exercise Exercise
Performing every year in which they exercise any part of the legs helps improve your entire operation. The exercises more desirable to combat the legs are tired swimming, cycling, running or walking which can be done without the need to go to a gym drawing pathways to get to work or home.

Relax Relax
Fatigue, stress and pressures tend to fall throughout the body by influencing their operation and even increasing its weight thereby seriously damaging the rear of the body, the legs. It is advisable that, in moderation possible, try to relax and calm down because this can be the solution to several problems both physical and mental.

Cold showers
The warm temperatures, especially in the summer, they tend to influence the agency vasodilatando vessel and worsening traffic. To combat this symptom there is nothing better than showering with cold water interspersed with warm water as well as relaxing and invigorating, cold water shrinks the blood vessels and prevents the feeling of pain and heaviness.

Withdrawal from the position
It is important to be rectified positions and, if possible, go cambiandode positions by not stay much time sitting with his legs crossed or foot or so. If you are at home or at work and feel a sense of heaviness in the legs very tired are advised to crouch on the hoof and a few times so that the blood circulation is restored to its normal flow.

Becoming a massage
The legs are supported by the entire body, and although we realize not much working all day. At the end of the day it is advisable to be very few massages in all the legs to rest and recover their welfare. The best way to do a massage for fatigue in the legs is starting from the feet and go up until the thighs where focus will be for a while insisting with rotating movements.